Roller Blinds

Choose Roller Blinds?

Roller blinds being  practical and simple to operate, achieve a beautiful solution
to shield direct sunlight and create personal privacy.

Add a customized ‘shape’ to the base edge, and trim or braid can be included too.

Simple in use and unobtrusive when raised fully, roller blinds can have a large impact on a window, providing a chunk of colour, a striking pattern or a neutral backdrop to the remainder of the room.

 The Capri Blinds range of stylish designs, exciting patterns and dynamic colours makes them an ideal choice for any room in the home, including the Bathroom, Kitchen or Conservatory.

2012-06-19-16.19.25-300x225   Rollaramsey-300x225

2013-03-08-10.38.05-300x225   2011-07-28-11.04.58-300x225

2012-08-23-10.58.51-300x225   Shape1-300x225



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